YOUR correspondent Simon Wild (South China Morning Post, April 6), has unfortunately been misled by a partial quote attributed to the Director of Urban Services during a press conference on March 30, concerning the noise-reduction measures being introducedat the Hong Kong Stadium.

Commenting on the fact that two Western pop concerts at the Stadium (the Jean-Michel Jarre show was never mentioned) drew more than 100 complaints, whereas the Cantonese pop singers concert on March 12 attracted only two complaints, Mr Albert Lam made the observation that perhaps to some residents the latter was music pleasant to the ears whereas the former was perceived as noise.

On the assumption that the converse was probably also true for Western pop concerts, Mr Lam went on to suggest that this phenomenon was worth examining further in the context of developing a marketing strategy for the hire of the stadium.

It was unfortunate that the second half of his observations did not come out in the newsclip.

THOMAS A. HAHN Chief Information Officer for Director of Urban Services