Guidance makes study fun

PATIENT guidance are the key words for helping children to resolve their academic and emotional problems in a leaflet issued by the Education Department.

The leaflet is the third in a series giving advice on good parenting produced by the department.

The main theme of the latest leaflet is: ''Children will improve under your patient guidance''.

The 100,000 leaflets on how children should be cared for and guided in their studies are being distributed to all parents of primary and junior secondary students.

According to the guidelines, parents and teachers should be ever ready to offer advice and assistance to students and provide them with a pleasant learning environment.

Points made in the advice include: Encouragement and recognition are the most effective ways of helping a child; Unrealistic expectations only cause extra pressure on the student; Appropriate guidance helps to make study a more enjoyable experience; Co-operation between family and school make it a great deal easier for a child to solve his or her problems.

''The objective of the leaflet is to encourage parents to offer suitable guidance to children who may encounter emotional or academic problems at home or in school,'' said an Education Department spokesman.

It has been noted that the series of leaflets has helped to strengthen school-parent bonds.

When the series was introduced in 1992, the department received an enthusiastic response from schools.

Guidance teachers, school social workers, student guidance officers and student guidance teachers are urged to discuss the contents of the latest leaflet with parents during talks, seminars, workshops or other school activities that include parents.

''It is hoped that schools can make use of suitable opportunities, such as parents' day, to discuss with parents the suggestions made in the leaflet,'' the spokesman said.