Showcase jewellery judge Laura discreet by design

TO a private room at the Convention Centre, where Hong Kong's internationally lauded jeweller Kai-Yin Lo is ready to announce the launch of the third annual Kai-Yin Lo Jewellery Design Competition, which this year is being extended to include Singapore.

Judges Janet Ma, Jennifer Tose and Anna Pao Sohmen are present and correct at the top table. But Laura Cha, executive director of the Securities and Futures Commission, who is also on the list of adjudicators, is conspicuous by her absence.

As it turns out there is a reason for Ms Cha's no-show. It is whispered to Keeping Posted that because of her sensitive government position, it has apparently been implied from on high that while she may adjudicate it would be bad form to be at the pressconference.

''Such a pity,'' laments Kai-Yin, with a resigned shrug. ''Laura always wears my jewellery and is a wonderful role model for my products.'' As the judges present look around some of the jewellery on display (apart from cash prizes and overseas trips, the winners get the opportunity to have their designs made into real jewellery and widely exhibited), Kai-Yin proudly proclaims to Keeping Posted that all the judges wore her jewellery.

Since one of the judges on the panel is the ubiquitous David Tang, this comment left us a bit confused.

But then, perhaps, Kai-Yin knows something the rest of us don't.