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New year brings chance to start afresh

I realised very early in my career that, without a balanced life, performance at work would be less dynamic. Resolutions to take better care of our bodies or minds, to spend more time with family or achieve greater success at work must be made every day. Without a healthy lifestyle, what we can physically do in life is limited. Without commitment and dedication to one's career, the future may be limited. And without dedication to family and friends, other areas of our lives have less meaning. Resolve to focus on the important things in life every day, not once a year. Dedicate yourself to living life to the fullest and don't waste a single day.

Greg Morley, director, staffing and human resources services, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Lead a simpler life and adopt a healthier lifestyle. In the past year, I have driven less and used public transport more. Hong Kong's public transport is among the best in the world. My family and I also managed to eat less meat and more vegetables. This saves water and energy, and the body feels better too. We use mostly energy-saving bulbs. If it is not too warm, we use the fan instead of air conditioning. These actions slash the electricity bill and are friendlier to the environment. We have grown more plants too. Before I buy anything, I consider carefully if it is what I need or just want. I like reading literature, history, philosophy and science. This year, I will read more about science and technology, as they are major drivers of this ever-changing world.

Lee Boon-ying, director, Hong Kong Observatory

The New Year resolution I always make is to wake up early so that I can maximise my day. I have to make the same resolution every year because I have repeatedly failed to achieve this lofty aim. I am sure that if I could succeed, my life would change in so many ways. For example, with an extra waking hour, I could go to the gym and spend time on the treadmill before going to work. My body would be more attractive - and who knows what that may lead to. Then again, leaving some of life's ambitions unfulfilled may not be so bad. After all, what gets me out of bed every day is knowing there are still things to achieve.

Douglas Young, founder, G.O.D

My New Year resolution is to travel more often and to explore new destinations every year. Life in Hong Kong is so hectic. The only time one can truly relax is when travelling abroad. In this digital age, it is especially liberating when one goes on holiday to destinations where one has no means of access to the internet, mobile phones or TV. Such an 'e-free' kind of holiday allows one to slow down, recover from information fatigue, reflect on life and take a fresh perspective on things. By seeing the world and embracing its variety, I learn to respect and appreciate that it is these differences in cultures, values and beliefs that make the world a much more interesting place to live in.

Josephine Lee, director of public relations, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

I have a young son and I want him to be able to enjoy a clean and healthy life. Therefore, my New Year resolution is to reduce my carbon footprint and contribute towards a greener planet. It takes a collective effort from individuals, corporates and governments to make a real difference. I vow to live a more earth-friendly lifestyle - turning off lights when not in use, taking shorter showers and recycling paper, glass and plastics. These are simple actions to reduce my carbon footprint every day. Similarly, I pledge to lead my company in implementing more green initiatives, both in services and corporate philanthropy, in 2010.

Anthony Leung, managing director, Hong Kong and Macau, FedEx Express

In a hectic place such as Hong Kong, every minute of leisure time is precious. As a father of two, I always strive to spend more time with my family; it is one of my resolutions every year. Nowadays, we can make use of technology and other innovations to make our lives easier. But what really counts is having the chance to be with the people who mean most to you. In my professional capacity, I will look for ways to introduce innovative products and services designed to make payments faster, more convenient, more reliable and more secure.

Sunny Cheung, country manager, Hong Kong and Macau, Visa