Chance for all to learn

Tsang Pik Shan Secondary School Area 92, Ma On Shan Sha Tin, New Territories UNLIKE the prestigious schools, Tsang Pik Shan Secondary School aims at offering an education to all rather than focusing on the cream of the crop.

Principal Chan Shiu-ki said the school's students were mainly from middle and lower class families and their academic standard was not high.

''This is in line with the ideal of Madam Tsang Pik-shan, which is to educate pupils regardless of their standard and nationality.'' Founded in September 1990, the school emphasises moral and civic education to help students maintain good discipline and develop a healthy character.

Besides teaching according to student needs, teachers also spend a lot of time on career guidance.

They advise students to get vocational training in technical institutes and vocational training centres after their third form studies so they can learn skills to earn a living.

Through career talks and a guidance corner in the school library, students are always able to get updated information on vocational training and technical institutes.

Ten teachers in the Discipline Committee work closely with the guidance and counselling team and the school social worker.

If form teachers or teachers in the committee encounter problem students, they will refer them to the guidance and counselling team.

If the case is serious, it will go to the social worker, who visits the school twice a week.

A team of prefects numbering 60 under the Discipline Committee helps to maintain discipline and order.

The Moral and Civic Education Committee organises programmes to raise students' moral and civic awareness throughout the school year.

''Each month, we have a campaign with a different theme, such as Courtesy, Friendship and Respect for Teachers. We also organise activities like competitions and talks,'' the principal said.

Lower form students with below-average academic standard join remedial classes in which English, Chinese and Mathematics are taught.

The school has also joined the Education Department's School-based Remedial Support Programme targeted at Form One students.

Forms Five and Six students also help by giving tutorials to junior formers after school.

The school plans to set up a parent-teacher association soon.

FACT FILE BACKGROUND The school, founded in 1990, belongs to the Hong Kong Lotus Association (a Buddhist organisation). It is a co-educational secondary school with 1,215 students, 57 full-time teachers and 19 auxiliary staff.

HEADMASTER The principal is Mr Chan Shiu-ki who holds a BA (Hons) from HKU and a Dip Ed from HKU. Mr Chan has 29 years of school administration and teaching experience.

TEACHING LANGUAGE Students are taught mainly in English. Chinese is used for some subjects.

ACTIVITIES The school offers academic clubs, sports clubs, interest groups and social service groups for students to join. Those who are interested in singing can join the school choir.

SPORTS Students are encouraged to take part in athletics, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, table-tennis and life-saving.

FACILITIES There are 28 classrooms, two integrated science laboratories, a chemistry laboratory, a physics laboratory, a biology laboratory, a music room, an assembly hall, two basketball courts, a tennis court, a badminton court and an all-purpose roof-top. Field trips are organised for Geography and Biology.

PREFECTS There are 60 prefects who are headed by Leung Chiu-cheung and Cheng Wai-lung.

SCHOOL MOTTO ''Be Merciful and Generous To Others'' is the motto for the school.