A haunting history of tragedy

June 18, 1972 Mid-Levels

A 12-storey building, Kotewall Court, tilted and crashed to the ground after days of heavy rain, killing 67 people. During the 72 hours before the tragedy, 639.2mm of rain was recorded. The disaster started when a garage at 21 Po Shan Road slid down a steep slope, crashed across Conduit Road and hit the base of the 12-storey building.

October 8, 1990 Sheung Wan

A 106-year-old, three-storey building at 58 Bonham Strand West caved in, injuring about six people. Many residents left the building before it collapsed, at about 11am, after finding a huge crack in a wall in the morning.

October 26, 1990 To Kwa Wan

A concrete canopy on the Wearbest Industrial Building, measuring about 30 metres by three metres, collapsed onto the pavement. Six people were killed and seven injured. Government officials said the death toll would have been much higher had it not been a public holiday.

October 18, 1992 Central

A three-storey, pre-war building collapsed on Wing On Street, which is commonly known as Cloth Alley. The building had been earmarked for demolition before its collapse, so no one was inside, and no passers-by were injured.

July 23, 1994 Kennedy Town

A landslide led to the fall of a masonry retaining wall, killing five people and injuring another three. The disaster resulted in a major review of slope safety in the city.

June 19, 1995 Tai Po

A two-storey house in San Wai Tsai village collapsed after a period of heavy rain. The family of five living there managed to escape, suffering only minor injuries.

July 8, 2008 Sheung Wan

A six-storey building on Connaught Road West built 30 years earlier tilted while pilings were being driven on an adjacent site. A 15cm multistorey crack was found and chunks of masonry felling from the building. Despite the damage, government engineers said it was structurally safe and the 30 residents returned to their homes two weeks later.