Man fell into arms of police

THE loading of more than a tonne of cannabis from a boat to a lorry was foiled by police on patrol, the High Court heard yesterday.

One of the men who allegedly helped in the loading, Lui Ka-kin, 27, defended by John Hemmings, denied trafficking in 1,125 kilograms of cannabis. He is appearing before Mr Justice Ryan.

Prosecutor Anthony Mitchell-Heggs said policemen on patrol in the early hours of May 14, 1992, noticed a red car near a jetty at the reservoir at Tai Tam. On seeing the police, a group of men had fled, leaving behind cannabis and mobile phones.

Some time after the discovery, counsel said, a man tumbled down the embankment and fell into the arms of the police. The man was Lui, who told them he had been walking, brooding over a quarrel with his girlfriend, the court heard.

He had later admitted being involved in the loading of goods but said he did not know they contained drugs.

The hearing continues.