Alleged triad boss Teddy Hung jailed for 2 months

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 04 February, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 04 February, 2010, 12:00am

An alleged triad leader who says he has found religion was jailed yesterday after changing his plea and admitting to obstructing a policeman.

Teddy Hung Hon-yee, 61, who police say is the leader of the Tsim Sha Tsui faction of the 14K triad, pleaded guilty in Kowloon City Court to resisting a police officer on duty, along with another accused, Chung Foon-ming, 57. They had changed their pleas from not guilty.

Deputy Magistrate Ko Wai-hung jailed Hung for one month and Chung for two, saying officers must be protected.

Hung and Chung were arrested during a police raid on a massage parlour in To Kwa Wan at about 2am on November 10. Hung is a major shareholder of the parlour and Chung an employee.

A police officer ran an identity check and found Hung was wanted in connection with a traffic summons. Hung shouted abuse at an officer, pushed him and refused to go to the police station. Chung also shouted at the two officers, pushed one and struggled with another. One officer suffered abrasions on his hand.

Paul Francis, representing Hung, said his client was not a member of a triad.

Ko noted that Hung had not been forthcoming about his background with a probation officer who prepared a report on him before his sentencing. The information Hung gave the officer contradicted that given by his ex-wife, Ko said.

In the report, the probation officer had written that, when asked about his triad friends, Hung replied he had met them in prison, leading the officer to conclude that he was being reserved in disclosing his background and triad links, the court heard.

Francis said Hung was speaking truthfully when he answered that he had met triad friends in prison.

Francis said Hung had become religious and felt genuine remorse. '[Hung] is particularly remorseful because the offence goes against what he is learning and the time [he has] spent with [the reverend],' Francis said, referring to a church leader with whom Hung is in contact.

Hung and Chung applied for bail pending appeal but were denied.

The court previously heard that Hung has eight previous criminal convictions, and Chung 35.

Hung admitted that he once ran 14K's gambling rooms, opium dens and go-go bars in To Kwa Wan, and claims that in the 1970s he supplied much of the heroin in the city. He served 14 years in prison after he was arrested in 1984 for drug trafficking. After his release in 1998, Hung managed the 348 disco in Yau Ma Tei.