Cadres told to cut delays or lose jobs

Chris Yeung

SHENZHEN cadres could lose their jobs if they fail to overcome bureaucratic delays which are hampering entrepreneurs.

Mayor Li Youwei has warned cadres their jobs could be in jeopardy unless they transform their thought and eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy. His comments came after scathing criticism of the authorities by entrepreneurs.

Mr Li also urged enterprises to exercise self-discipline and not to ''take improper means'' to get things done, apparently referring to giving bribes to officials.

Mr Li was speaking at a symposium attended by heads of major enterprises and government officials in Shenzhen last week.

General Manager of the Shenzhen Nanhai Company Liao Hanbiao criticised the failure of the municipal Government to make good its promise to grant autonomous powers to enterprises.

''Those powers which have been delegated or should be delegated to enterprises have been taken back,'' he said in a Shenzhen Special Zone Daily report.

The newspaper quoted Mr Li as saying that government organs should listen to the aspirations of enterprises and help solve their problems.

''Without enterprises, the existence of many government departments becomes unnecessary,'' he said.

Powers to have been delegated include the recruitment of cadres and workers, and approval of projects.

''Some administrative departments have grasped the powers firmly in their hands and often interfere with the normal activities of enterprises,'' Mr Li said.

A spokesman for Dongbu Group pointed to the work-style of some officials, charging them with low efficiency and excessive control and interference.

''[They] are creating problems for enterprises,'' the spokesman said.

Mr Li accused some departments of putting personal connections and emotions in doing business above rules and laws.

He called on colleagues to report any malpractices or abuse of power.

Any cadres who traded power for money should be criticised and re-educated, Mr Li said.

''[Those who] failed to correct their thoughts and work-style should be removed from their posts.'' Mr Li said the municipal Government would take effective measures to enliven the property and stock market, which has become sluggish in recent months.

He said the Government would increase the number of flats for sale to people outside China, and reduce the cost of land and mortgages.

Mr Li said the local Government had told the central Government of its concern at the sluggish stockmarket and asked for more flexibility in dealing with problems.

But he stressed that enterprises should ''correct their thoughts'' and should not merely count on the pooling of funds from the public.

''They [enterprises] should make more efforts to enhance the efficiency of enterprises and be accountable to share-holders and investors,'' he said.