Taxi rule explained

IAN Dubin (South China Morning Post, April 11) seeks clarification about access to taxis leaving Kai Tak.

The area to which Mr Dubin refers is the departures frontage which is specifically designed as a ''dropping-off'' zone for departing passengers and those bidding them farewell.

It forms an integral part of the overall traffic system at the passenger terminal complex, in which transport arrangements for arriving and departing passengers are segregated in order to ensure smooth vehicular and pedestrian flow.

From a safety standpoint and in order to avoid any confusion, it is important that this established system is maintained as consistently as possible.

We therefore do not encourage the use of the departures frontage for any purpose other than dropping off passengers.

Arriving passengers who require taxis are requested to use the taxi rank located at the ground level of the terminal.

I am sure Mr Dubin will appreciate that this arrangement is designed to facilitate airport users and its success relies, to a large extent, on the support of all those who use the system.

LEE SIU-KIN for Commissioner of Police