Time code swings to the beat

MOST of us rushing for appointments in Wan Chai of an evening have given up trying to see the time by glancing at Central Plaza's confusing colour-coded timepiece at the pinnacle.

Working out the time on a mariner's compass using the positioning of the stars is a damn sight easier.

Now comes help from New Zealand Consul-General Don Greenfield. For there he was observing the clock from his place on the Peak over a period of time and, eureka, it came to him.

It's all down to the acronym, Greenfield told Keeping Posted. He explains: ''Rhythm and blues pop group - it's as simple as that. Just remember the first initials RBPOPG - standing for red, blue, purple, orange, pink, green. That's the sequence in which the colours appear from 6 pm to 11 pm and then from 12 pm to 5 am''.

Simple as looking at your wrist, eh?