Elegant Testoni appeals to young professionals

THIS summer heralds an array of fresh beginnings for Testoni.

It offers an enticing range of elegant leather goods to grab your attention.

Craft traditions that continue to be associated with this French label show in its latest men's collection.

An exciting range of innovative styles with varied designs move from conservative to contemporary.

''The latest range caters to the executive,'' said Ann Lee, product manager of Testoni.

Exclusivity is of paramount importance in all Testoni products.

Black Label is no exception. Crafted with great attention to detail, there is an emphasis on rich and elegant stitching and trimmings.

Intarsia in different combinations of new colours is the characteristic of slips-on, with and without elastic.

The Testoni man welcomes this diverse selection of shoes made of calf, kid and lama in this new casual and dashing style.

Look ahead with confidence when you wear the moccasins. Sleek precision and new geometrical intarsia are essential for that casual look.

New cuts and shapes of saddles and vamps emphasise this line.

A Testoni label will capture the youth of summer. This younger and sportier line is made of a diverse selection of caribou, kid, kangaroo and lama leather.

The Dinamico variety comes in footwear and accessories. New vamp stitching, with summer intarsia and colourful embroidery, are the novelties of this season.

Added to that is a lighter ''holiday'' sole in ghiaccio shade. The colourful caribou leather, bologna calf, silk calf and silk cross set the right tone.

The Dinamico briefcase has a casual everyday look, in black with dark green trimming.

The famous leather know-how at Testoni has underpinned the creation of a new series of Vitello accessories.

The Classic Range consists of a line of briefcases, attache cases and men's purses underlined in black and cuoio.