Go wild with your wardrobe this year

AFTER the sombre winter months, when clothes tend to be dull, spring is a time to go a little crazy with the wardrobe.

Sunny weather has men digging out bright colours and looking for something lighter to suit their mood.

V2 by Versace captures that mood with vivid colours and wild patterns for work and play.

The colours are ''hot'', as is the new-look nautical blazer. Other hot looks are the checks and stripes which run riot over jackets and suits.

Complementing these hot looks is the ''cool'' soft cut of the jackets and the lean look of the pants.

Fabrics are cool, too, with spring suits in either wool crepe - a fabric with a slightly knobbly texture - or smoother wool silk.

For the height of summer, tropical wool featuring rippled or embossed textures, as well as silk, linen and cotton are the favoured fabrics for suits.

Shirts are in printed silk, cotton and linen and there is a selection of printed silk ties which just scream out to be worn.

Big news from V2 this season is the relaunch of the nautical double-breasted blazer.

For those who like to feel captain of their own ship, the blazer comes in plain navy blue, bright red or pinstripe with matching pants.

Stripes and checks in all dimensions are also headline fashion news for V2 and appear on both formal jackets and sports coats.

Pinstripes add a slightly serious touch to be livened up with a textured shirt or wild tie.

Black or grey with white are popular combinations for checks and stripes.

Apart from the more formal black, grey and navy colours, suits also come in vivid shades of red, yellow, blue, turquoise and purple, with shirts, vests and ties to match.