Zulu maid proud to cast her vote

AN AMAH working on The Peak will earn herself a small place in South Africa's history when she becomes the only Zulu Hong Kong resident to vote in the country's election this week.

Elizabeth Dikgale, 45, says she feels nervous but proud to be casting the only Zulu vote on Tuesday.

''I feel very happy,'' she said. ''South Africa is a golden country, and now we can get back to the golden times.'' Ms Dikgale is one of only two black South Africans living in the territory - the other, a member of the Tswana tribe, also works as a maid.

She arrived two years ago with her employer, Marie-Helene Maguire, who works for South African Airways.

Seven black South Africans are due to cast their votes from Hong Kong, according to South African Consul-General Mike Farr. He said the others are members of a travelling musical band and a cook staying in a local hotel.