On the road

Mike Currie

A SPECIAL round-trip and hotel package to Singapore is on offer until June 30 with United Airlines.

The economy ticket plus two nights accommodation at one of five hotels, plus transfers, costs only $2,900.

Three of the hotels also throw in daily American breakfast.

A MOTORCYCLE chauffeur service for business travellers is available to Virgin Atlantic Airways Upper Class passengers who prefer a more unusual - and quicker - means of transport from Heathrow to the centre of London (helmets and weather-proof clothing are provided).

THE ''Safebag'', a polyethylene casing to cover your suitcase is now being sold in Hong Kong. The manufacturers claim it acts as a deterrent against theft, and protects the case from damage through mishandling.

The Safebag is available for demonstration. Telephone Pasha Holdings Ltd at 868-2183 or fax 537-7069.

GULF Air is offering economy passengers flying from Hong Kong to Bangkok an upgrade to business class and a free night at a deluxe hotel. Contact your travel agent or Gulf Air sales office, tel 882-2923.

THE Edinburgh Festival in Scotland, which will run from August 14 to September 3, will be on a scale never seen before with the opening of another avenue, the Edinburgh Festival Theatre.

NEW Orleans' aristocratic Windsor Court Hotel (rated No. 1 in the United States in a recent survey) is celebrating its tenth anniversary by taking 10 years off its rates.

From May 30 until September 5, the 1984 rates will be charged: deluxe rooms are US$125; junior suites, US$150; full suites US$175.

BUDGET Rent a Car is now a partner in Lufthansa's frequent-flyer programme, Miles and More.

WANT to stay on an American ranch? The American Wilderness Experience (PO Box 1486, Boulder, CO 80306) says it has 50 of the oldest and largest ranches available for holidays.