Requirements for APA students

IF you want to study at the Academy for Performing Arts (APA) to earn either a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, a diploma or a certificate, there are a number of things you should know.

Aside from the academic requirements for admission, the first major hurdles to overcome are personal ones: do I really want to try for a career in the performing arts? Am I prepared to put in a great deal of time studying and performing and competing to stay in the academy from year to year? Will my parents let me pursue this type of career/educational goal? Will they help financially? If the answers are yes, you should visit the Academic Services Office at the APA.

There you will fill out the appropriate forms and find out when you will have an audition or an interview, supervised by the faculty. Your success in the audition or interview will determine if you have the talent to study at the academy.

You have to know that the academy is an institution based on performance. Performance in dance, drama and music are the primary areas.

But there are other types of performance that are equally important and relevant to the performing arts: the technical areas of theatre, television and film.

All students at the academy receive part of their grade based on the performance aspect. We call this ''professional development''.

Another important element is ''professional attitude'', the student's attitude towards his profession.

Of course, a student must maintain a certain level of grades. Here are the requirements for the degree and diploma programmes: Degree Courses To be eligible for entry to a BFA course, a candidate must: have successfully completed the academy Diploma Course, at specified pass levels in practical and academic subjects. It would be assumed that students had already met the HKCEE, or equivalent, requirements; or hold Hong Kong Advanced-level Examination or A-level Examination of the General Certificate of Education (GCE A-level) with Grade E or above in at least two subjects. However, students with A-level qualifications must be able to demonstrate that they have attained, in their proposed performance discipline or technical art, a level equal to diploma study; or have successfully completed similar diploma courses or preliminary courses in other institutions, and are able to demonstrate that attainment in their proposed performance discipline or technical arts is comparable with the standard of the academy diploma; or have significant work/professional experience in areas relevant to the degree, with the minimum of HKCEE, or equivalent, requirements.

Diploma Programme For Hong Kong students, applicants to full-time courses in the schools of Dance, Drama, Music and Technical Arts should normally have obtained the HKCEE with the subjects including English Language (E for Syllabus B and C for Syllabus A) and Chinese Language at Grade E or above, or other qualifications deemed by the academy to be equivalent.

Candidates must have the necessary degree of achievement and/or potential in the relevant discipline. In exceptional circumstances, candidates of outstanding talent who have not obtained the required academic qualifications may be admitted at the discretion of the director.

Prof Bravar is Dean of Liberal Arts and Academic Affairs, APA