Citibank to extend PC service

CITIBANK will soon be bringing its personal computer-based home banking service to all Chicago communities.

By mid-year, customers will be able to do their banking and investment management through their personal computers and laptops.

The system will enable them to check balances, transfer funds, see the last 60 days of activity on their accounts, including Citibank Visa and MasterCard details, and get stock quotations.

In addition, the system, called Citibank on the Personal Computer, allows customers to pay bills, buy and sell securities, order travellers' cheques and perform account maintenance functions, such as stopping cheque payments and linking accounts.

Citibank's New York branches have offered a personal computer-based banking service for the past 10 years.

An upgraded version of the software making the program faster and easier to use is now being released there, and comprises the system to be introduced in Chicago.


The service works with MS-DOS, Windows or Macintosh - and supports modem speeds up to 9,600 baud.

The only cost to the customer will be US$9.95 per month for unlimited usage of the system. The software and the first two months of service are free.