Man denies rape after phone date

A 16-YEAR-OLD schoolgirl was raped by a man whom she met for the first time after being introduced through a telephone network game, the High Court heard yesterday.

But after the attack the girl asked a friend to contact Kwok Wing-hing to find out whether he would pay $30,000 for her to drop the case against him, the court was told.

Kwok, 20, has denied raping her. His co-defendant Chan Koon-chiu, 18, pleaded not guilty to a charge of attempted rape, while Chow Ka-wah, 16, denied indecent assault.

They are being tried by a jury before Mr Justice Leong.

Outlining the Crown's case, prosecutor David MacKenzie-Ross said the charges arose from a telephone introduction game which enabled young people to ring up and leave a number for others to call.

On July 5, 1992, the girl linked up with Kwok. He chatted to her and they arranged to meet.

They went to a flat in Sheung Shui where Chan and Chow, as well as the landlord, were present, the court heard.

At about midnight, said Mr MacKenzie-Ross, Chow embraced the girl against her will and squeezed her breast.

However, Kwok told him to leave the girl alone, adding that all the men in the flat wanted to have sex with her, the court heard.

He had asked her to choose two of them or else she would have to have sex with them all. If she refused, she would be drugged with chloroform and taken to a hillside, said counsel.

When she asked why he was treating her like a prostitute, Kwok allegedly answered that one would have to pay a prostitute but there was no need to pay her.

Intimidated by such bullying, she submitted to sex with him against her will, said counsel.

After Kwok left, the court heard, Chan entered the room and insisted on forcing sex on her but failed to achieve his goal.

She managed to leave the flat in the early hours of the morning while the others were asleep and later reported the matter to the police.

Mr MacKenzie-Ross also told the jury that before the case came up for trial a friend of the girl contacted Kwok at her instigation to see whether he would pay $30,000 for her not to testify against him.

The friend and the girl had already been charged and convicted in relation to the matter, said counsel.

The hearing continues.