Farmers adopt radical tactics

MORE than 4,000 poultry farmers and fodder agents will hold a meeting next week to draw up ''radical tactics'' against the new regulations on livestock licensing.

Chairman of the Hong Kong Livestock Industry Association So Ying-kiu said the farmers were considering releasing giant wild pigs weighing more than 360 kilograms on to the streets.

Non-farming members of the New Territories community would join the protest to fight the new regulations on waste disposal passed by the Legislative Council on Wednesday.

And as a mark of the rural community's solidarity more than 1,000 livestock association members will join a march organised by the Heung Yee Kuk on Sunday against equal inheritance rights.

''From now on, the livestock farmers will join all protests against the extension of inheritance as well,'' Mr So said.

The farmers blamed the Secretary for Planning, Environment and Lands Tony Eason, the policy secretary responsible for the issue.

But they also attacked independent legislator Emily Lau Wai-hing for ''introducing rules'' which they said would ruin their lifestyle.

The farmers' dispute with the Government dates back to 1987 when the Livestock Waste Control Scheme was enacted.