Strict control

YOUR correspondent, Y. Shu, raised some concern on car parking in the Urban Council's Lai Chi Kok Park (South China Morning Post, April 19).

Car parking in the Urban Council's venues has always been under strict management control, and there is no question of any unauthorised private car parking in such venues.

Applications for parking a car for official purposes in Lai Chi Kok Park are considered on merit by the park management.

Owing to the limited number of car parking spaces in the area and the needs of the nearby Training School, authorised car-users are permitted to park their vehicles in the park, but only along the passage roads to avoid obstruction to the circulation areas.

This does not affect park users' enjoyment of the park or its facilities.

We thank Y. Shu for bringing the matter to our attention.

JOHN K. L. YOUNG Regional Leisure Manager (Kowloon West) for Director of Urban Services