10 things to do with leftover mooncakes

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 29 September, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 29 September, 2010, 12:00am

With Mid-Autumn Festival behind us, you are probably tripping over boxes of leftover mooncakes lying around. After weeks of stuffing our bellies with the sweet paste-filled delicacies, most of us can barely stand the sight of mooncake - let alone fancy another bite.

If you are like me, you're counting down the days until they expire so you will have a legitimate excuse to chuck them out.

At Young Post we've thought long and hard about ways to reduce waste. So here is our Top 10 list of what to do with your leftover holiday pastries.

Don't let food go to waste. Consider these sorts of tried-and-tested alternatives.

Remember, the fate of your mooncake rests in your hands

10 Imprint the Chinese character for 'yummy' on the mooncake. Now you can fool yourself into enjoying them again.

9 Salt-cure leftover mooncake. Then you can enjoy your own delicious creations past their expiry date.

8 Remove the egg yolk and enjoy. The salty cholesterol-rich orb tastes like sand, anyway.

7 Stuff the mooncake with a nice filling of durian and serve them to (un)fortunate guests and friends as a dessert.

6 Carve the pastries into a crescent shape. Now they'll really look like the moon and truly deserve their name.

5 Grind mooncakes into a paste for use as a hairstyling product.

4 Throw leftovers into a compost container and allow them to decompose. If your cakes are still around in a few months, don't buy from the same bakery next year.

3 Piece together the quarter-size wedges, repackage them, and offer them to friends with a joyous 'Happy Belated Mid-Autumn Festival!' In other words: re-gift.

2 Put the mooncake into a cryonics freezer cranked up to full chill. Next year, simply remove it from freezer, thaw and serve.

1 Listen to your parents: Don't waste food! Suck it up and just wolf down those cakes!