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PUBLISHED : Thursday, 30 September, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 30 September, 2010, 12:00am

Reading comprehension

1 The government wanted Tze Tin Tsuen because:

a. it needs to build a highway.

b. it needs to put the land on auction for developers.

c. it needs money to revive the economy.

d. it needs the land to build public housing.

2 Tze Tin Tsuen villagers were not happy with the government because:

a. the compensation was not satisfactory.

b. they had not been given the same kind of offer as Choi Yuen Tsuen residents.

c. they were forced to leave the homes in which their families had lived for centuries.

d. all of the above.

3 What did villager Christopher Wong Wai-hing mean when he said the government 'failed to look at the matter from a human point of view'?

a. The officers were rude to villagers during the eviction.

b. The officers did not give them enough time to move.

c. The government had shown no regard for the villagers' attachment to their community.

d. The government hasn't given them land to continue farming.

4 How long did the battle between the villagers and the government go on for?

a. 20 years

b. six years

c. eight months

d. six months

Think about

1 What is more important for Hong Kong? Maintaining the rural community for the villagers in Tze Tin Tsuen or building new public homes? Support your arguments.

2 What are the differences in the ways the government handled this case and the case of Choi Yuen Tsuen?

3 What could be a better solution for the residents in Tze Tin Tsuen?


1 The protesters swear they will _____ their rights _______________ .

2 Sometimes we need to put aside rational thinking and look at things from a more _______ angle.

3 Some people believe in _______ and will not do anything to fight it.


Reading comprehension: 1. d, 2. d, 3. c, 4. d

Vocabulary: 1. defend ... to the death, 2. human, 3. fate