Lucky escape for car park attendant as runaway bus crashes into booth

PUBLISHED : Friday, 29 October, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 29 October, 2010, 12:00am

The car park attendant had his head down counting the takings when there was a sudden bang and his pay booth started moving.

The 69-year-old scrambled out to find the booth and a parked car had been hit by a runaway tour bus and pushed down a two-metre slope.

'I heard a loud noise and felt the booth was moving. I immediately rushed into a corner near the door and hid there so that the chair, table and other things toppling over did not hit me,' the attendant said.

Police said the empty bus, which had its motor running, rolled forward about 21 metres and hit the booth and car at the car park on Wah Lok Path, Aberdeen, at about 7.30am after the 51-year-old driver got out to check the tyres.

'The pay booth and the car were pushed for about four metres and then fell down a two-metre slope,' an officer said.

The booth attendant, who had clambered out of the tin-sheet box before emergency crews arrived, was treated for minor injuries to his right hand at Queen Mary Hospital and later discharged.

Two motorcycles parked nearby were also slightly damaged when hit by the booth, which measures four metres by two metres.

The tour bus was towed to a government vehicle plant in Quarry Bay for examination.

The officer said initial investigation indicated the handbrake had not been fully engaged. A police spokeswoman said the driver passed a breath test and no one was arrested. Officers from the Hong Kong Island traffic unit are investigating.

It was the second similar incident in nine days. On Tuesday last week, a parked truck rolled backwards for about 200 metres and ran across two lanes in Kwai Fuk Road, Kwai Chung, before it entered a construction site and crashed into a tree. The driver, 45, tried to climb into the truck but was hit by the door, suffering injuries to his head and right leg.