Lu vetoes voting compromise

Louis Won

LU Ping issued a strong message to legislators that no matter how they amended the Governor's electoral proposals, China would still reject them.

Mr Lu said China had never accepted last year's compromise electoral proposal because it violated the Basic Law.

''No matter what proposals Legco passes in the future, it is still not possible to have a through-train arrangement,'' he told TVB.

Some legislators have been working on the conservative compromise, which cuts the number of electors in the functional constituencies from 2.5 million to less than 650,000, hoping that the proposal would be acceptable to China.

Mr Lu also revealed that the preparatory committee of the first Special Administrative Region government would redefine all the legislature's electoral arrangements.

That would include the voting system, delineation of geographical constituencies for direct elections, and the nine new functional constituencies.

Mr Lu also accused the Government of intervening to prevent Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation chairman Kevin Hyde meeting the Preliminary Working Committee (PWC) on Friday.

He said Mr Hyde's absence was evidence of the British side's lack of sincerity in co-operation with China.

However, Mr Patten said he had not known about Mr Hyde's failure to meet the PWC until he learned about it from the media.

Six PWC members visited families in public housing flats in Tseung Kwan O yesterday without notifying the Housing Department.

Mr Lu's deputy, Wang Fengchao, said after the visit that the PWC members had not told the department because they did not want to have a repeat of the ''unhappy event'' with the railway corporation.