From demon chef Alvin Leung comes a cookbook that will blow your mind

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 05 January, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 05 January, 2011, 12:00am

Demon chef Alvin Leung (left) of Michelin-starred Bo Innovation has decided to immortalise his nitrogen-required molecular gastronomy recipes in a cookbook.

A week before Christmas, Leung started the project with Copenhagen-based photographer Rene Riis (right), under whose lens fig slices resemble red blood cells.

The book, yet to be named, will include 40 Hong Kong-inspired Bo classics such as lap mei fan parfait.

Unless you have a whole set of molecular processing equipment in your kitchen, Leung's recipes won't be too easy to recreate at home. But you might want a copy of the book for your coffee table because he's doing it in style.

'This book is about inspirations. We are shooting the dishes from unexpected angles, very artistic. Photos of the dishes, even if you've seen them in my restaurant, will still blow your mind a little.'

The book, which is expected to come out in May to coincide with his new restaurant opening in London this summer, will also record Leung's life story and feature lists of local eateries he recommends. 'The dishes are all inspired by Hong Kong icons from my 25 years here. One example is a bamboo dish inspired by the pandas from Ocean Park.'

Leung is planning a photo contest for people to take snaps of places in Hong Kong that have inspired his dishes. Winners' photos will be published in his book. Details will be released next month on