Man set curtains on fire 'for fun'

A FORMER mechanic admitted setting fire to curtains outside seven neighbours' flats, the District Court heard yesterday.

However, when police investigated the arson cases on June 30 last year, Lau Chi-wai, 23, tried to frame his mentally handicapped neighbour Yiu Kiu-wai, the court heard.

He had told an officer that he saw a person who was Yiu's height, weight and age setting fire to the curtains outside a flat in Wong Chuk Hang Estate, Aberdeen. Lau had then pointed Mr Yiu out as the suspect.

The police arrested Mr Yiu, but released him after being told of his condition.

Finding certain details of Lau's account inconsistent, they asked him to assist in reconstructing the incident he claimed to have witnessed. When their suspicions were confirmed, he was arrested.

Lau said he carried out the arson attacks for fun and for revenge. He said someone else had set fire to the curtains outside his flat.

Yesterday, Lau pleaded guilty to seven counts of arson which took place between July 25 and 30. Judge Lugar-Mawson set a sentencing date of May 24.

Prosecutor Michael Delaney offered no evidence against Lau on a count of attempting to pervert the course of public justice.