Raw, gloomy - and brilliant

Mumford & Sons are touted as an indie group, but have broken into the mainstream market with their country, bluegrass and folk-inspired numbers.

Their debut album, Sigh No More, makes for beautiful listening; but be prepared for profound and gloomy reflection.

The catchy single Little Lion Man drew comparisons with Kings of Leon. But the group have a unique country sound; the banjo riffs create a stripped-down, acoustic feel.

White Blank Page is another standout track. Lead singer Marcus Mumford has real despair in his voice as he sings of 'swelling rage.' It's perfect for a moody day, as are the screeching electric guitar of Dustbowl Dance

The London quartet draw inspiration from writers such as Shakespeare and Steinbeck. Their contemplative lyrics set their songs apart from the usual mindless pop numbers; second single Winter Winds, for example, speaks of a storm that 'litters London with lonely hearts', while in the dark Thistle and Weeds, 'the sky above us shoots to kill'. Mumford's scratchy voice doesn't always carry the powerful lyrics.

The album is almost consistently melancholic, but luckily songs such as After The Storm offer brighter moments.

Raw and angst-ridden, this brilliant album is perfect for contemplative moments.