Trusting all the instincts in her music and her life

Conventional wisdom tells us to resist urges. Instead we're told to trust our instincts, which are developed over time from experience. American musician Ciara takes this bit of advice to heart, reverting to her most basic instincts as a guide to direct her musical pursuits.

'With this album I wanted to take it back to the basics and bring back the bass,' the 25-year-old says. 'At the same time, I'm still showing my growth and trusting my first instinct, my basic instinct on everything - my music choices and creative choices.'

Basic Instinct is Ciara's fourth studio album and, as on her previous albums, her assertive female presence is felt throughout. Although the songs have a strong female angle, her music transcends gender, Ciara believes.

'I want to make a record for my girls,' she says. 'But what I've felt over the years is that when I do a record like Oh (from the album Goodies) or even Promise (from Ciara: Evolution), those records represent for my girls, but the guys like to hear it and hear their girls saying those things or doing the moves.'

Long-time collaborator Ludacris lends his rapping skills to the grimy R&B track Ride, the first single off Basic Instinct. They collaborated on High Price in 2009 and the hit song Oh off her debut album Goodies.

'We joke with each other about how we're almost like a group now,' she says. 'He just knows how to bring a different kind of energy, a unique energy to the record, and that's why I love working with him. His animation is amazing and the way that he moves through a track is crazy. Ride is a mid-tempo record, but the way he raps adds a cool tempo to it.'

As well as music, Ciara's family is a major focus for the young star. Although the Atlanta-based musician has already cashed in on her musical success, she hopes to provide financial security for her entire family. 'When I talk to my team, I say, 'We got to get that money,'' she says. 'I kind of joke about it, but at the same time, I'm serious about it. That's my whole mindset so one day I can create a legacy for my family that we've never had. That's one of my goals.'

With Basic Instinct, the 'really private' Ciara hopes fans will see more of her personal side. 'Over the years, my music has been my voice. With Basic Instinct, I wanted to give more,' she says.