Accident delays expat challenge

Catherine Ng

A LEADING campaigner for expatriate civil servants has suffered serious head injuries during a squash game, delaying legal action against the Government over localisation.

Allan Roger, 50, senior assistant law draftsman in the Legal Department and vice-president of the Association of Expatriate Civil Servants, underwent a four-hour operation after he slipped and struck his head on Wednesday night.

Mr Roger, chairman of the association's localisation committee, regained consciousness yesterday but is expected to stay at the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital for up to 10 days.

The accident would make it difficult for the association to take the Government to court within two months as planned by its president, Royston Griffey.

''Mr Roger has already been dealing with the issue for two years and his expertise is certainly needed,'' he said.

But for the accident, Mr Roger would have finished drawing up claims against the Government within a week, the South China Morning Post has learned.

The writ will allege the Government's localisation policy is a breach of the Bill of Rights, and will challenge the Government on such issues as the inability to transfer expatriates to local permanent and pensionable terms.