Spin doctor diagnoses golf classic ailment

THE rasping Scottish accent that sounds as if it has been nurtured on broken glass is unmistakable.

Derek Currie, irrepressible spin doctor for Carlsberg, is on the other end of the telephone to inform Keeping Posted that Hong Kong's honour was, indeed, upheld during last weekend's Carlsberg Media Golf Classic held in the Philippines.

We reported that a Manila bar owner - playing in the tournament at the invitation of Currie - won the event with an impressive score of 69.

But, says Currie, the said gentleman was only a guest player and his performance didn't count in the main tournament, even though he was given a special trophy for his brilliant effort.

The winner was, in fact, the SCMP's resident pro Spencer Robinson, who will donate his prize money to a charity of his choice.

We pointed out, in mitigation, of course, that our informant was last year's winner, Larry London, who went out of contention early on.

But, coming to think of it, since London was awarded the title of ''Most Intoxicated Player'' we should have known better than to listen to him.

Incidentally, Currie happened to mention that while in Manila he ran into the Miss Universe beauty queens.

He gushed: ''I stepped out of the elevator at my hotel and the lobby was packed with all the contestants. I had to literally fight my way past the girls to get outside.'' If you believe that, you'll believe anything!