Bring back our English commentary

I AM writing to express my view on Star TV's Prime Sports decision to change to Mandarin commentary.

May I say how tragic was the loss of motor sport great, Ayrton Senna. Similarly tragic to me is to learn of Star TV's decision to change to Mandarin commentary on Grand Prix programmes (and on other selected programmes). The new commentator, to describe in my kindest words, is very much inexperienced.

Monotonous dialogues, dead airs, poor Grand Prix knowledge, incompetence on Grand Prix regulations, inability to deliver up-to-the-minute trackside news, are what I have noticed of him while watching the live programme.

The F1 Grand Prix's original programme's commentators, Murray Walker and Jonathan Palmer, a veteran in motor sports commentary and former Grand Prix driver, have vast experience in the field which makes the programme a delight to watch.

In addition, this pair are also full of behind-the-scenes and up-to-the-minute news. More importantly is the fact that they are live at the track.

In such an event as the accident to Senna, as on many previous occasions, they are able to deliver the latest news.

I apologise for putting down the new Mandarin commentator. With time and practice, he would improve on his job.

While this is something hopeful, I feel that many of the channel's viewers would much rather watch the original commentators.

I suggest that Star TV make better use of their 24 hours programming. I would very much appreciate if they would broadcast at least one run of the same programme in English.

Alternatively, if technically possible, Star can transmit simulcast of the programmes live through their FM frequency in the original language.

I dearly hope for Star to take a more considerate approach in its transition to being a bi-multi-lingual broadcaster.