Be grateful for efficient rail service

I WISH your correspondent, Dora Chong (South China Morning Post, May 20) and other moaners who criticise the KCR and MTR about occasional breakdowns, would shut up.

I can from experience inform readers that the reliability of the two railway services in Hong Kong is amongst the highest in the world.

If a breakdown does occur it is quite impossible for operations staff to make immediate announcements predicting the length of the delay, because it takes time for engineering staff to access the nature of a defect and decide on a course of action.

In Europe and Britain particularly, I have on several occasions sat on a motionless train for up to two hours without even a single explanation being given to passengers, let alone an announcement of how long the delay would last.

Hong Kong people should be grateful for the efficient service that they do have and show a little more patience when a very infrequent failure does occur.

P. A. CRUSH Propietor The Railway Tavern