You'll find giggles and gags galore at Godown

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 05 July, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 05 July, 1994, 12:00am

ROLL up, roll up, for another barrel of laughs.

The Godown will be splitting its sides again as from Sunday when the popular Comedy Club returns to the laughter business.

Getting everyone going (and that is no reference to the Godown's excellent menu!) will be John Moorhead who bears the nickname ''Brain Damage'' - with all those long hours the poor guy has to spend in some darkened studio at STAR TV with the alluring Kamal Sidhu, that's quite understandable.

Among the others who will be attempting to titillate will be club founder Mike Sinclair and another aspiring comedian called Westin Jost, who rejoices under the description of the ''Biggest Little Texan in Hong Kong''.

Sadie Cottam, the British comedienne soon to represent Hong Kong at the Vancouver International Comedy Festival, will also be on hand to try out some of her jokes and skits.

Also expected to do a turn on the opening night at the Admiralty Centre restaurant is Phil Martin, ''the quivering poet'' who's act is said to give some people the shivers.

And as usual, there'll be an opportunity for amateur gagsters to get up on stage and do their thing during the ''Open Mike'' session.

We know of one such guy who went on stage at the Comedy Club the last time around and later boasted that the audience had been with him all the way.

He did, however, manage to shake them off around the corner at Queensway.