Young faces add vitality to show

Benson Chao

QUESTION: What do you do if your love life keeps troubling you or if you do not even have a love life? Answer: Pick up the phone and call up the hosts of The Days of Maids , the newest Ultimate 903 Commercial Radio 2 programme tailor-made for teenage listeners.

However, if the show is only for answering questions of this sort, listeners would not be that enthusiastic. Take a look at the hosts, and you will understand.

Veronica Chan Ngau-han, Agnes Yau Wai-yiu and Fiona Szeto Sin-man are three invigorating young disc jockeys who have just finished their matriculation. They were picked from among hundreds of contestants in ''The Ultimate Killing Field'', a competition that Ultimate 903 organised to unearth potential air wave stars.

We hear the voices of the three young girls every weekday at 11 pm, but what are they like outside the studio? Chau describes herself as ''naive and child-like''. Yau says she is ''determined, articulate and assertive'' while Szeto is ''contemplative and cheerful''.

Ultimate 903 programme director Thomas Chow Lou-mow said: ''Since the girls are around the same age (18-19) and fresh out of school, they have a lot in common.

''The most important thing is that they have the girl-next-door image. Teenage listeners can identify themselves with the girls.'' To boost the show's popularity, the station has incorporated a drama Why Do Flu's Fall in Love? into the show. The cast includes the three DJs and pop stars Gigi Lai, Leo Koo Kui-kei, Raymond Chao Wing-lim, Ian Hung Kin-wah and Ricky Fan Chun-fung.


But hold on a second. Flu falls in love? Thomas Chow explained: ''Falling in love is just like having a flu. When you have a flu, you go to the doctor, take medicine and recover.

''When you fall in love, you meet your lover, you get madly in love, then the passion slowly fades and you're left with the serenity of stable love.'' But the show does not only focus on love. Assistant programme director Wallace Kwok Kai-wah said: ''We also encourage listeners to talk about family and school problems.''