Dense fumes in tunnel

I AM concerned about the atmosphere inside the Tate's Cairn Tunnel.

The air is thick with the exhaust fumes from cars and the fumes are especially concentrated in the middle part of the tunnel.

The worst time is around 2pm, when a pungent smell reaches the noses of tunnel users.

The major ingredient of this smog is carbon monoxide and some hydrocarbons. These gases can be poisonous.

It takes at least nine minutes to get through the tunnel and sometimes longer. For those who travel by non-air-conditioned bus every day, this would work out over a month, at around nine hours of exposure to these fumes.

It cannot be good for passengers to have to breathe in this smog so frequently.

I hope that the company responsible for the Tate's Cairn Tunnel will look into this serious problem and try to rectify it.

It must show due regard for the health of Hong Kong people.

NG KA-FAI New Territories