Angel needs territory's help

I WAS moved by the article 'Angel's Last Prayer' (Sunday Morning Post Magazine, September 25). Angel Mou Pui-peng, 25, sentenced to hang in Singapore for trafficking 5.6 kilograms of heroin, has had her appeal against the death sentence rejected by the Court of Criminal Appeal. It seems her only hope for clemency now lies with the Singapore president.

The success or failure of her final appeal very much hinges on our backing. She needs overwhelming public support to strengthen her case for clemency. If she fails in her last desperate cry for help, it will be because we have failed to rally behind her.

I am a Singaporean and I am not advocating the abolition of the death penalty. However, I strongly feel that only people who are guilty of the most nefarious or sickening crimes and hardcore criminals deserve to be executed.

Angel is not a vicious monster; her crime is pardonable on humanitarian grounds. She was a courier, exploited by pernicious members of the underworld. She was only 22 when she committed the offence, and was then the sole breadwinner and mother of a seven-year-old child. It would be a tragedy if she has to die for one horrible mistake.

I appeal to all the kind souls out there to please come forward and voice support where it counts.

B. T. Chai Wan