Guerrero takes off

When advertising copywriter David Guerrero touches down at Manila's Ninoy Aquino airport later this month, he may well cast an ironic gaze over the Cathay Pacific planes parked on the apron.

Just as the airline launched its much-talked-about new image, Guerrero shocked his colleagues at advertising agency McCann-Erickson, which was behind the new look, by handing in his resignation. As senior copywriter on the account, which is worth $250 million a year, Guerrero was a key figure in Project Brushwing which evolved over his year with the agency.

Although news of his departure has prompted much eyebrow-raising in the advertising community, Guerrero insists that he quit for 'personal reasons', and has shrugged off the timing of his move by saying it was the 'natural time to go'.

'The challenge was the blank sheet of paper at the beginning of the year, the one that had 'Arrive in better shape' on it and still had the green and white [logo],' he said. 'From now on, it [the account] is just a maintenance programme.' Guerrero will clear his desk in the middle of this month and head for the Philippines, where he has family, to pursue personal projects which include writing a comic book.

'The only way you can ever take a holiday in Hong Kong is when you are between jobs ... it's also the perfect time of year.' Insisting that he will come back to Hong Kong, Guerrero revealed that he was already in negotiations with another local agency.