Christian Lacroix fans with the taste but not the money for the French designer's couture creations can take heart: his long-awaited Bazaar line finally comes to Hong Kong this season, with a separate boutique to be opened next year. It may be hard to justify spending $1,500 on a pair of jeans but according to the designer's Paris publicity machine, almost everything sells out as soon as it reaches the shelves.

Fabrics and colours used in the Bazaar range make the clothes immediately identifiable as Lacroix. And if you think a top-of-the-line jacket at $15,000 may be just a bit beyond your budget, $4,000 for one from the secondary line suddenly doesn't seem too bad.

All clothing from Christian Lacroix, G/F, The Landmark, Central. All carpets from Caravan, G/F, 65 Hollywood Road, Central.

Stylist: David Roden.

Hair: Maria Bostrom.

Make-up: Mi Ae.

Model: Jane from Calcarrie's.