Party aims to fly high with logo

THE Democratic Party logo symbolises the new liberal force 'rising vigorously in high spirits', according to leader Martin Lee Chu-ming.

Mr Lee said the design, depicting a pigeon flapping its wings against a green background, combined the logos of the United Democrats of Hong Kong (UDHK) and Meeting Point, the co-founding parties.

It was a much-improved version of the UDHK's logo, which is a silhouette of a pigeon, he said.

'The old pigeon is too fat. This time I am sure that the new one is able to fly high,' he said.

The wings and tail of the pigeon also formed a 'beautiful and lively' triangle, which is the basic pattern of Meeting Point's symbol, he said.

Green is the colour of both parties and is generally recognised as the colour for the democrats, he said.

The Chinese and English name of the party will be printed around the green circle.