Upgrade of suite by Lotus

LOTUS announced last week the availability of the newest version of its popular office suite, SmartSuite 3.0 for Windows.

The new version, which is Notes-ready, includes recently launched 1-2-3 Release 5, Approach 3.0, AmiPro 3.1 and Freelance Graphics 2.1. All four versions make use of Notes/FX 1.1, a technology which allows data to be exchanged between the applications and Lotus Notes. SmartSuite 3.0 also includes Organizer 1.1 and ScreenCam 1.1, a multimedia screen and sound capture utility.

Also upgraded in the new release is SmartCenter, an application switching tool which Lotus first introduced in SmartSuite 2.0. The customisable icon palette is designed to allow launching and switching between applications, including Windows applications not part of SmartSuite 3.0.

Version 3.0 of the suite also adds support for OLE 2.0 as well as dynamic access to Approach from 1-2-3's menus.

SmartSuite 3.0 will sell for $6,200. It will be sold for the special price of $3,890 ($2,730 for upgrades) until the end of the year.