Stars put family in spotlight

Benson Chao

HAPPY family was the theme when pop stars joined forces in Shau Kei Wan to kick off a series of live concerts organised by RTHK's Radio One.

Titled 'Home Sweet Home Sunday Carnival', the concerts are part of the station's activities to mark the International Year of the Family. They are to be staged in 10 public estates over four months.

Besides top hits, each concert will feature exciting psychological tests for families.

Ms Ava Wong Fat-chi, head of the radio station's Chinese service programmes, told Young Post that the carnival underlined the importance of 'keeping the family in harmony'.

A mother of two herself, Ms Wong said: 'The secret of maintaining a healthy and supportive family is sincerity and encouragement.' Over 24 up-and-coming pop stars including Linda Wong Hing-ping and Chan Chung-ling (Chung Chung) attended the opening ceremony.

'A typical Hong Kong family is modern, always in a rush and lonely,' Hing-ping said, adding that an ideal family did not require a huge and expensive flat.

'A reasonably spacious flat with 'blossoming flowers' is all I would care for,' she said.

Chung, however, sympathised with families struggling to cope with the sky-rocketing property prices.

'All Hong Kong people should have a place of their own to live in. They deserve it. I think the Government should quickly fix this problem.' The singers were also asked to draw up their ideal house settings by psychiatrist Dr John Koo.

Dr Koo said Andy Hui Chi-on, who drew a bed first, was very shy and 'not suitable for showbiz'.