Winner's golden start to weekend

MISS a day in the South China Morning Post Golden Share Stock Market game at your peril.

What could have been another ordinary day at the office turned into a golden start of the weekend for one lucky Golden Share Stock Market punter.

Winner Timothy Lee Chi-tim confessed to failing to check his card for a number of days. It is the sort of thing which is easy to do. No one expects Lady Luck to shine on them.

But yesterday, the day she reached out and touched Mr Lee, he decided to check his card . . . just in case.

He won a $20,000 gold voucher for having a matching total with the selected stocks in the game.

'I started playing at the beginning of the game and then missed a few days,' said 29-year-old Mr Lee, an executive who works on the development of container terminals at Kwai Chung.

'I am just glad I didn't miss the one where I won.' Mr Lee said he was going to collect his gold and then use it to pay off some of his mortgage, but he admitted there would be a few treats in store as well.

Check your stock market cards for the next five weeks and you too could strike gold.