Hitachi storage updated

HITACHI Data Systems (HDS) has revealed plans to deliver a Scalable Storage Server that will never need to be taken off-line. Featuring innovative RAID architecture, HDS's new storage subsystem will provide levels of data availability and performance previously unattainable by disk storage subsystems.

'HDS is committed to supporting non-stop operations. Once installed, this storage server can be expanded and maintained without ever relinquishing access to data,' said Geoff Kennedy, Hong Kong manager of HDS.

'HDS intends to extend its lead in enterprise hardware performance and reliability, to become the leading supplier of fault tolerant storage solutions.

'This announcement, coupled with our May large systems direction statement, provides every S/390 user with real alternatives that are architecturally superior, while maintaining compatibility with industry standards.' For those S/390 users requiring non-stop access to data, HDS is providing extended capabilities.

The new storage subsystem will use state-of-the-art technology in a RAID architecture to provide a high-speed, fault-tolerant solution with applicability across a wide variety of operating systems environments.

HDS intends to keep enhancing and supporting its 7600 Storage Subsystems, which is an integral part of the HDS storage product line. This support will include remote copy and other functions as appropriate.

The 7600 Series, with the Scalable Storage Server, will provide customers with complimentary products to address all direct access storage requirements.

HDS plans to make the scalable storage server generally available in the third quarter of next year.

Hitachi Data Systems is owned by Hitachi and Electronic Data Systems and has headquarters in Santa Clara, California.

The company markets, worldwide, a broad range of mainframe systems, peripheral products and other systems and services.