Absolutely Fatuous

BRITAIN'S Committee on Medical Aspects of Food Policy recommends a daily intake for 19 to 49-year-olds of 1,940 calories of energy (kcal) for females and 2,250 for males.

A locally-made Big Mac from McDonald's contains 500 kcal, a Big Breakfast 640 kcal and a large fries 400 kcal.

The recommended maximum daily intake of cholesterol is 300 mg (a medium-sized egg contains 250 mg).

A McDonald's Big Breakfast contains 468 mg, an Egg McMuffin 235 mg, a Sausage McMuffin with Egg 270 mg and a Big Mac 100 mg.

Quote from the leaflet Good Food, Nutrition & McDonald's: 'We're not claiming that McDonald's provides every single nutrient you need for a healthy diet. Our menu includes high-energy food, which is particularly good for the physically active . . .

'. . . It's up to you to balance your diet by including cereals, fresh vegetables and fruit.'