Oxbridge's final fling for summer

MEMBERS of the Oxford and Cambridge Society will no doubt be brushing up on summer ball etiquette even though the event they will be staging at the Hong Kong Country Club on Friday is billed as an Autumn Ball.

Since the action will take place from 8 pm to 3 am we are puzzled that one of the bits of the entertainment on offer is 'Croquet on the Lawn'.

Equally puzzling is the omission of 'punting down the river' which we are given to believe is an essential Oxbridge ball activity.

But someone will get a chance to let off excess steam if they make a successful bid to fire the Noonday Gun, one of the items that will be auctioned to raise funds for the society's Scholarship Fund.

Ticket details from president Sou Chiam - 867 2356 (tel), 869 9236 (fax) - or Gillian Humphreys - 333 6569 (fax).