Software AG updates Natural

GERMANY'S premier software house, Software AG, is set to launch Natural ND, the latest version of Natural, its application development environment.

ND - New Dimension - fits into the company's strategy for object orientation (OO).

OO is the using of self-contained independent blocks of program instructions or objects, to build a program.

Phil Putzel, Software AG's regional product marketing manager, said the company expected to see a constant trend toward OO.

He said: 'Object Orientation will affect every aspect of application engineering technology'.

Natural ND offers a fully integrated OO application development environment, which remains consistent with existing Natural syntax.

According to Uwe Wagner, Software AG's vice-president of application engineering, the company chose to use OO because it ensured a quicker entry to the market, focused on business procedures and offered higher productivity, as well as providing a suitable development approach for clientserver applications.

The product itself is a full event driven GUI programming environment.

Natural ND operates on a wide range of platforms and, according to Mr Wagner, it is the only cross platform language to exploit the full range of platforms.

It can also access data from most third party and legacy databases such as Oracle, Sybase, DB/2 and VSAM.