Unsightly refuse tip

OPPOSITE Pokfulam Gardens, below street level, at 143 Pokfulam Street, there is a village which is apparently still called Dairy Farm Housing.

There are about 30 families living there and they form a very united group of people.

They are distressed, because they claim not to benefit from any kind of rubbish collection, so they have no choice other than to leave their refuse just outside their village.

They have approached the Urban Council and their District Board Representative several times, to try and get their refuse collected, but to no avail.

Consequently, at the lower entrance of the village, there is a huge pile of rubbish. It smells and creates perfect conditions for mosquitoes to breed.

They should be provided with a container next to the street level entrance of the village, where they can put their rubbish for collection.

This problem seems to be easy to solve, so I hope the relevant government department will look into this matter and put an end to this unhealthy situation.

M. Dutard, Aberdeen