Chopped wife escaped gas

A HUSBAND chopped his wife and then tried to gas her along with himself and their daughter, the District Court was told yesterday Lam Yee-tung, 43, attacked his terrified wife, Kei Sau-chi, when they had an argument on June 21 this year.

Lam attempted to cut his wife's face with a paper cutter, prosecutor Rupert Spicer said.

'He then picked up a chopper in the kitchen and chopped his wife, causing wounds to her head, right and left elbows and left kneecap,' Mr Spicer told the court.

She was able to stop the attack by promising not to divorce the defendant.

But he then cut the gas pipe to their cooker, closed all the windows and the door and told his wife and daughter to stay.

They managed to escape and the daughter locked her father inside the flat.

Within minutes, police officers gained entry and found Lam in a semi-comatose state.

He and his wife were taken to hospital.

His wife had received three cuts to her scalp and a cut to her face.

One of the blows had caused part of her nasal bone to separate.

She had also suffered cuts to her right forearm and a knee.

Lam, a lorry driver, pleaded guilty to wounding his wife.

He was remanded for reports by Judge Jackson.

The next hearing has been set for November 9.