Ramos's fancy words mean nothing

SO President Ramos wants to stop Filipino women from working abroad as domestics (report, South China Morning Post, October 19).

My question is: has he an alternative home for us migrant workers? It's fine for Mr Ramos to make such a pronouncement, when he and his government have so far not been able to provide proper jobs for so many Filipinos.

Is he so blind that he cannot see that Filipinos are desperate for work? We are indeed 'modern-day slaves', as that Philippine Embassy staffer in Riyadh has declared.

That is nothing new.

Let Mr Ramos announce that he will provide Filipinos with decent wages at home, then we can all stop going abroad to be the world's servants.

Fancy words like 'new heroes' and 'contributions to the world' mean nothing.

They just prove that our leaders are like all politicians who talk without thinking or acting.