Man killed aunt after she insulted his mother

A SELF-CONFESSED killer told yesterday how he battered his elderly aunt to death with a hammer after she called his mother 'a tart and a whore'.

Wilson Lee, who spent 11 years on the run, was 19 when he attacked Fu Kiu, 72, after she caught him rifling through her possessions.

Lee, 31, told the High Court he had been hunting for her valuables because he wanted to return to his mother in the Caribbean.

But the Trinidadian-born cook said he had lost control when Fu started insulting him and his mother.

He told the jury: 'I made a hole in one of her chests. I reached in and rummaged around. When I looked round my aunt was there.

'I was shocked. I didn't know what she had seen me do. She became enraged. She started yelling. She tried to slap me in the face. She called me a thief and a degenerate.

'I said I wanted to go to Trinidad to my mother. She said, 'Your mother doesn't want you. You're useless.' She called my mother a tart and a whore.

'She said, 'Your father wouldn't have [wanted] a son like you.' She pushed me. I grabbed her and I struck her. I think I used a hammer.' Lee said he did not know how many times he had hit his aunt, but a postmortem examination showed she had been struck about 13 times on the back of the skull. He told the jury he could not remember the details of the attack, but had been 'shocked' when Fu collapsed.

Lee added: 'I was nervous and frightened and afraid to touch her. I was confused and horrified.

'I dragged her out. She was bleeding profusely. I saw blood all over her face and all over the floor.

'Afterwards I went for a walk. I was upset and disturbed by this horrible, horrible incident.' After killing Fu, he stuffed her body in a linen chest and went to a cousin's home.

Three days later he fled to Trinidad and then to Canada, where he spent 11 years.

Lee was arrested in September last year when he tried to visit Sweden.

He told the court: 'I felt sorry it ever happened. I never forgot - it was always in the back of my mind.' Lee denies murdering his aunt at the home they shared in Sha Tau Kok on August 16, 1982, but admits manslaughter on the grounds of provocation.

Lee said he had gone to live in the New Territories village when he was 10 after his parents split up following a violent marriage.

But he painted a picture of a bored, lonely childhood with few friends and little affection. He was still in primary school when he was 17 because he had trouble learning Cantonese and later had problems finding work.